How to Make Digitalization Through an ELN a Breeze for Your Lab

So you’ve come to terms with the world going digital – unless you were born in it – and decided to equip your lab with an electronic lab notebook. Simply put, an ELN is the best way to centralize your research. However, the level of seamlessness of your transition from paper to digital can greatly vary depending on your choice of provider. Here are a few things to remember when it comes to choosing your ELN software provider.

Opt for an ELN That Will Actually Benefit Your Research

Remember, the point of installing an ELN is propelling your research, not just adding a new cool tool to the mix. Whether you need to streamline project management, book lab equipment, or find an all-in-one customizable solution, your provider should offer cost-efficient and long-lasting turnkey solutions to your problems.


Make Sure Your Provider Can Help Facilitate the Implementation Process

The time it takes for lab employees to understand the functionalities of an ELN varies from team to team. But this is also contingent on your provider and the way they teach, customize and ensure easy integration. Keep in mind that the process can take up to six weeks. Here is an example of a step-by-step ELN onboarding process with personalized support from a trained scientist from Pillar Science.


  • Organizational Diagnosis – Lab management expresses the need for an ELN and requests a consultation or a demo. Pillar Science provides expert and scientific advice based on the organization’s specific needs. 


  • Kickoff Meeting – Once the organization agrees to implementing an ELN, the experts at Pillar Science confirm the needs and timeline with lab management. Defining your lab’s priorities and management process will provide the necessary workflow data that is used to configure the software interface.


  • Validation Meeting – Pillar Science confirms with lab management that the workflows are adequately mapped and properly functional. This is when your user’s training is scheduled. 


  • User Training – The scientists from Pillar Science will provide training for all your users using your lab’s real workflow data. This relatable method will increase your users’ ability to comprehend and adapt to the software while also reducing onboarding time. The training covers topics ranging from functionality, protocols, data structure, uploading results, inventory check and booking, signing documents, etc.


  • Check-in meeting(s) – Pillar Science will schedule a meeting to review and check-in with the users approximately three to four weeks following the implementation. This will give the users time to adjust and gather their pending questions.


Interesting fact

According to a customer-appreciation survey:

– 90% of users say Pillar Science is easy to use

-97% of users say it effectively helps centralize information

-It takes, on average, 11 days to be proficient with Pillar Science


Choose a Provider That Guarantees Support Every Step of the Way

Your electronic lab notebook is a tool that will, undoubtedly, improve your research or project management process. As data is compiled, your research and analyses will become increasingly easier to keep track of, but that doesn’t mean the support from your ELN provider should end there. When choosing your provider, make sure they guarantee support not only during the implementation process, but also after. This type of long-term partnership ensures your lab will always have an expert and scientific ear to turn to when you need to adjust and support growth. Beware of companies that will appoint a lead within your own team to solve your ELN issues.


Pillar Science’s Electronic Lab Notebook boasts an intuitive and flexible software with a modern-day and user-friendly interface that allows your and your team to quickly find and access the information you need when you need it. Do you want to an ELN provider who will be with you from start to finish? Book a consultation or request a demo and let us provide your research with the premium support your team deserves.

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