Improve your research with a Lab Data Management System

Laboratory data management: a crucial aspect of research management.

With the increasing amount of data generated in laboratories, it is essential to have an efficient system in place to manage and organize this data. This is where laboratory data management software comes in.

Pillar Science provides an all-in-one research software package designed to facilitate laboratory data management and research management. Their software tools are specifically designed to cover all your research needs, from project management to electronic lab notebooks to equipment management. Pillar Science’s software is intuitive and easy to set up, bringing your tools together so you can enter data in spreadsheets, type protocols in word processors, and communicate in real-time.

Why Pillar Science lab data management system?

One of the key benefits of Pillar Science’s laboratory data management software is its fine-grained authorization system. With this system, you can decide who has access to your data, ensuring that your data is secure and compliant with regulatory standards. Pillar Science’s software also helps your team use standard methods and SOPs for your research, leveraging electronic signature and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance to conduct GxP research. The following checklist will provide an FDA 21 CFR Part 11 list of compliance items that we automatically include in our Electronic Lab Notebook: 

Pillar Science’s laboratory data management software also makes it easy to centralize your research. With its research dashboard, you can quickly access all your projects, recent and historical data, and see what others on your team have been working on. This makes it easier to stay in the loop and facilitate your laboratory data management.

In addition to streamlining your laboratory data management, Pillar Science’s software also helps you manage your equipment. Their electronic lab notebook integrates with your lab equipment, ensuring that your equipment is always calibrated, used according to your SOPs by qualified users, and that data is transferred directly to your ELN experiments.

Benefits of Pillar Science lab data management system

Overall, laboratory data management is a critical component of research management. With Pillar Science’s all-in-one research software package, you can streamline your laboratory data management, centralize your research, and improve your workflows. This software is designed to cover all your research needs, making it easier for you and your team to focus on your research.

With Pillar Science’s electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), you can manage all of your research data in one place and easily share it with collaborators. You’ll also get access to industry-leading security and compliance features, including GDPR compliance.

This software is designed to work seamlessly with your existing lab equipment so that you can streamline your workflow while improving accuracy and efficiency.

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