Understanding what companies how looking for and finding the best resources to help them is a time-consuming combersome tasks, like vexing hours spent wandering the aisles of a Blockbuster searching for the perfect movie. In this eBook, we describe how Pillar Science allowed the Semiconductor Research Corporation to increase by 40% the number of projects per companies by leveraging AI to create perfect university-industry matches, like those on-point Netflix suggested series.

Pillar Science's Impact 

The number of new industry liaisons engaged with SRC grew by 64% in just 9 months. These are new company contact that went from having no relationship with SRC to now being in direct contacts. These future champions allows SRC to keep new projects moving forwards within the companies.

Finding Your Champion

Increase your partnerships with 
AI-driven matchmaking. 

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The  number of projects per company grew by 40% without increasing marketing or outreach efforts. These numbers were not surprising as industry were highly engaged with the platform to discover new experts, with some industry users connecting several times per week. This substantial increase in projects per company further shows just how powerful Pillar Science is at surfacing company interests and quickly aligning them with the right academic partners.

From Blockbusters to Netflix  

Pillar Science's self-service platform automatically matches companies with the best opportunities at your institution, saving tremendous amount of research, decks and meetings. 

" Pillar Science helps me discover topics and expertise outside of my immediate network in universities."

John Wallrabenstein 

Principal Engineer 
Analog Devices 

" We typically do shorter term projects with universities. SRC allows to engage in longer-term research. "

Amitabh Das

Security Hardware Architect

" The cost savings compared to in-house efforts or custom development were significant. "

Jennifer Q Dickens 

Manager, Business Technology

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