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Analysis Studio

Standardize and accelerate your data analysis

Gain time & automate

Gain time and ensure standardization by automating your main analyses.

Full Traceability

Trace back analysis to their original data and keep track of all modifications.

Collaborative analysis

Interactive data analyses are easily shared with team’s members or external collaborators.

Join researchers using Pillar Science to accelerate their research

“I believe that Pillar Science facilitate my research by regrouping all our projects in one place. The simplicity of the statistical tools allows to save time and enable students to be more self-reliant.”

testimonials KIM GILBERT

Kim Gilbert, PhD

Université de Montréal

“Pillar Science allows us to conduct collaborative projects seamlessly. We found that it was very useful when we needed to combine expertise from European and North American researchers.”


Lena-Sophie Martis, PhD

Aarhus University Denmark

Customizable charts

  • Generate publication-ready charts from your browser
  • Automatically create multiple graphs for your new dataset and save time
  • Advanced customization options: change style, colors, labels, scales and more
  • Reusable graph templates that can quickly be used by new team members
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Group Statistics

  • Run advanced statistical analyses such as ANOVA, correlations, and student’s t-test from your browser
  • Generate summary statistics about your conditions
  • Link your analysis to your methods so they are always made the same way
  • Keep your analysis with your data and ensure fully reproducible results
  • Train new team members so they execute analysis with your standards
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Collaborative data analysis

  • Share and get early insights from collaborators on your most recent analysis
  • Collaboratively edit and improve analyses
  • Ensure analysis quality by allowing others to validate your steps.
  • Easily track and organize the analyse and the data together.
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