Accelerate your research data analysis

Research Data Analysis

Streamline your research. No coding required.

The analytic tools you need

Pillar Science comes with a wide range of statistical tools such as assumption testing, parametric and non-parametric t-tests, ANOVAs, correlations and more.

Standardize your results

Get standard templates from your common statistical analyses. Use your templates to instantly access insightful charts and analyses when new data are available.

Organize your research

Collaborative analysis

Work with your colleagues seamlessly on the same analysis for smoother communication. Start it up and pass it to your colleagues for input without having to deal with countless emails and file versions.

Faster publication-ready charts

Create fully customizable publication-quality charts 5x time faster than with conventional software. You need to graph many variables? Do it all in one click.

Keep track of current and past projects

Instantly oversee the progress of ongoing research projects. Keep organized copies of past projects, enabling you to go back when needed.

Updates with new data

Your analysis automatically updates when new data are available. Get the latest charts and analyses as soon as the data are available.

More data analysis features

Share results with anyone

Results are fully exportable. You can simply click to download them. We use only non-proprietary formats that can be read by any computer (Ex. CSV, PNG and SVG).

Empower your lab

Give your team the most adapted tools for their work. Save time by allowing your research team to be more efficient and self-reliant.

Get full control over your data

You can transform your data including resize time bin, exclude observations, add new columns and so much more. Also available is calculating column statistics such as mean, median, max, min, SD, SEM.

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