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Research Project Management

Plan and improve your project execution

Streamline and Manage Your Work

Plan your workflow and make sure you and your teams always know the next steps.

Optimize Performance

Measure your project’s progression, find bottlenecks and improve your processes.

Monitor Your Research

Use dashboards to monitor all your key indicators to ensure that you stay on track.

Join researchers using Pillar Science to accelerate their research

“I believe that Pillar Science facilitate my research by regrouping all our projects in one place. The simplicity of the statistical tools allows to save time and enable students to be more self-reliant.”

testimonials KIM GILBERT

Kim Gilbert, PhD

Université de Montréal

“Pillar Science allows us to conduct collaborative projects seamlessly. We found that it was very useful when we needed to combine expertise from European and North American researchers.”


Lena-Sophie Martis, PhD

Aarhus University Denmark

Visualize your workflow

  • Use Gantt charts to see the big picture
  • Manage and plan your resources
  • See what is coming up
  • Monitor the news feed to quickly see most recent updates
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Manage your tasks

  • Control the priorities for your projects
  • Align with everyone’s progress
  • Coordinate with others on complex projects
  • Quickly see your daily priorities
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Analyze your performance

  • Improve projections with accurate performance indicators
  • Optimize operation and processes
  • Evaluate project success
  • Create custom metrics
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