Project Management

Your Research Hub

Keep all your research in one place

Better oversight

Keep all your communications, data, and methods secure and readily available without having to send emails or request meetings.

Improve Reproducibility

Keep your data, protocols and notes organized to ensure the quality, reproducibility, and reliability of your research.

Increased Communication

Easily share your research with your colleagues, collaborators or clients, reducing emails and increasing communication.

See how Pillar Science can help you centralize your research.

See what's hapenning

You can quickly access all your projects and most recent data. You get notified automatically when something needs your attention. You can easily see what others on your team are working on.

Collaborate on your data

You can store any type of data such as Excel, PDF, reports and instrument's data. Connect your data with your notes and protocols. Exchange thoughts and perspective on your data using real-time collaborative tools.

Standardize your work

Quickly organization your protocols reference library to ensure that work is always done the same way. You can keep an history of your different protocol versions. Jumpstart your projects using protocol templates.

Less emails, more results

Reduce emails and meeting requests by making the information available. Follow projects progression using an interactive Gantt chart. Control who access your results with fine-grained permissions. Choose what you want to share with external collaborators, partners or clients.

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