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Pillar science provides software tools specifically designed to facilitate your research management. We help you and your team focus on your research.

Laboratory Data Management

Pillar Science is easy to set up. It brings your tools together: enter data in spreadsheets, type protocols in word processor and communicate in real time. It is designed to cover all your research needs and facilitate your laboratory data management so you do not have to duplicate information anymore.


We use well-established security practices to encrypt and securely store your data where you want. Your data are automatically backed up. With Pillar Science fine-grained authorization system, you decide who has access to your data.


Pillar Science helps your team use standard methods and SOPs for your research. Leverage electronic signature and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance to conduct GxP research. Decide where you want to store your data to ensure regulatory compliance.

Your Research at Your Fingers Tip

Find the information you need for you work, when you need it.

Laboratory Data Management
your research dashboard

Stay in the loop

Quickly access all your projects, recent and historical data. See what others on your team have been working on and get notified when something needs your attention. Facilitate your laboratory data management.


Use the tools you like

Store any type of files and notes in our laboratory data management solution. Collaboratively edit and track changes history on Excel and Word files. Choose what you want to share with colleagues, collaborators or clients.

Laboratory Data Management
Laboratory Data Management
Keep track of your research

Ensure consistent results

Pillar Science framework helps your team follow standard protocols and data formats. Generate FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trails to keep track of how projects were conducted.

We are here to support you

Someone you can call

We help you deploy a software platform that fits your existing workflows so you get started quickly. We then keep supporting you actively in your IT decisions so you can focus on your research.

Laboratory Data Management

Join researchers using Pillar Science

“I believe that Pillar Science facilitate my research by regrouping all our projects in one place. The simplicity of the statistical tools allows to save time and enable students to be more self-reliant.”
“Pillar Science allows us to conduct collaborative projects seamlessly. We found that it was very useful when we needed to combine expertise from European and North American researchers.”
“Pillar Science is very easy and straightforward to use. It helps us streamline our ISO 17025 compliance ensuring reproducibility with FDA 21 CFR part 11.”

Manage Your Equipment

PIllar Science’s ELN integrates with your lab equipment. You can ensure that your equipment is always calibrated, used according to your SOPs by qualified users and transfer data directly to your ELN experiments.

lab equipment booking system
Lab project management

Integrated With Project Management

Using Pillar Science project management tools, you can predict bottlenecks and forecast your instrument usage. Plus with the, instruments integration you can connect any instruments to your research hub to automatically backup and send large data files.

Digitize Your Research

Gain time by moving to paperless notebooks: quickly find recent and historical data, even data from former lab members notebook. Directly link your experiments, results and protocols, no more printing and pasting in your paper notebook with an Electronic Lab Notebook ELN.

Electronic Lab Notebook ELN - Screenshot

Centralize Your Research

Get started today! Improve your workflows with our laboratory data management tools.

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