Pillar Science - Research data analysis and management solution

Your all-in-one research data solution

Organize, analyze and communicate your results in real time.
No coding required.
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Manage your data

Pillar automatically backs up your research data and organizes it into meaningful projects. Data are accessible to the research team in a secured cloud.

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Analyze your results

Pillar uses out-of-the-box templates to accelerate statistical analyses. You can quickly and easily transform your data, create standard charts and conduct advanced statistical analyses.

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Summarize your findings

Statistical analyses and charts can be monitored in live dashboards that updates with your data. You are always only one click away from the most recent results.

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How it works ?

We help your team keep all your research in one place.

Understand the data

Data are always paired with the information you need to understand it. Exit incomprehensible Excel® spreadsheets and browse data along with the associated experimental protocols, spreadsheet column definitions and metadata.

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Organize your research

Standardize your results

Get standard templates from your common statistical analyses. Use your templates to instantly access insightful charts and analyses when new data are available.

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Lighting fast analysis

Stay on top of your research

Create dashboards to follow the progress of your projects in real time. Dashboards are updated when new data are available.

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Research Dashboard

What users say ?

We build software tools specifically designed to facilitate research project management.


“I believe that Pillar Science facilitate my research by regrouping all our projects in one place. The simplicity of the statistical tools allows to save time and enable students to be more self-reliant.”

Kim Gilbert, PhD - Université de Montréal

“Pillar Science allows us to conduct collaborative projects seamlessly. We found that it was very useful when we needed to combine expertise from European and North American researchers.”

Lena-Sophie Martis, PhD - Aarhus University

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