Academic-Industry Collaborations Stewardship

Stewardship, streamlined

Build holistic, long-term academic-industry collaborations

Unlock the full potential of partnerships

Grow your existing academic-industry collaborations efficiently and effectively.

Better Matches

Develop deeper partnerships by discovering new ways to holistically engage with your partners.

Data-driven Decisions

Make quick and informed decisions with Pillar Science’s high-quality data—helping you better allocate resources and connect with your partners.

Efficient Reporting

Put an end to blindspots and time-consuming manual data reporting by keeping all your partnerships in one secure, centralized location.

Conduct your academic-industry collaborations with confidence

Agreeing to partner up is a milestone worth celebrating—but it is just the beginning. Thoughtful and consistent stewardship is what turns an average partnership into a long-term and holistic one. Pillar Science’s data-driven partnership engagement platform helps you understand what companies are looking for so you can best assist them. Strengthen existing academic-industry collaborations and increase your partnership numbers with the confidence and information needed to make decisions that move the needle.

See how Pillar Science can help you unlock the full potential of your partnerships

Focus on the best partnership opportunities

Whether you’re part of a small team or a large one, focusing your energy on the projects that are most likely to succeed is always good practice. Pillar Science uses customized AI technology to help you discover academic-industry collaboration opportunities that you otherwise might have missed. Our Partnership Engagement Platform will show you what companies are currently looking for, so you can showcase your relevant expertise and talent, target your efforts, and foster holistic partnerships.

Enrich your industry-academic collaborations with optimized data

Finding the best partnership opportunities can be a challenge: data can be siloed, incomplete, unstructured or dependent on manual entry. Our Partnership Engagement Platform removes those time-consuming obstacles by automating data collection and integrating with existing systems such as CRM and BI tools that centralize your institution's data in one secure and easy-to-access location. Pillar Science offers you a holistic view of your industry-academia collaborations through public and proprietary-enriched data that can help you save time and unlock latent partnership opportunities.

Maximize your industry-academic collaborations by enabling your partners

Collaboration and efficiency are key when it comes to managing partnerships, especially when you’re part of a small team. With Pillar Science’s collaborative Partnership Platform, you can skip the unnecessary meetings, emails, and manual data updates by enabling your stakeholders to access and edit content themselves. Giving your partners access also allows them to envision future projects at your institution that are tailored to their needs and provides you with a deeper and strategic understanding of their interests. It’s a win-win.

Smart Features

Save Time with AI-Enhanced Tools

Track and Share Your Success

Generating comprehensive engagement snapshots requires time and easy access to a complete data set – two things that are not always readily available. The partner-facing impact dashboard on our Partnership Engagement Platform saves you time and effort by offering your partners direct access to all the data and information they require to see the impact of your shared project. This automatically generated and up-to-date report will help them better understand the benefits of your partnership, building the trust required for future engagements. Pillar Science provides systematic partnership feedback, helping your team discover success stories and locate areas for improvement to ensure better, more holistic industry-academic collaborations in the future.

Expert Matching

Top experts from top universities are a unique, in-demand asset amongst partners. Yet, institutional directories can be lengthy, and many partners don’t have the time to sift beyond the most prominent researchers to find the hidden and emerging talents best suited to their needs. Our Partnership Engagement Platform does this work for them by automatically seeking out and suggesting matches between experts and partner interests. Take your academic-industry collaborations to the next level by promoting better alignments and assigning a more balanced distribution of projects across your wealth of untapped experts.

Curated Talents

Companies are always on the lookout for great new talent, citing recruiting and talent development as their top indicator of success. The growing workforce shortage is creating an increasing need for expanded recruitment solutions; with Pillar Science, your team will be ahead of this curve. The Partnership Engagement Platform allows you to showcase your university’s top talents to partners on an ongoing basis, adding value to your academic-industry collaboration and their company. Cut down on the time spent at career fairs and let our platform present your partners with a curated list of talents specifically tailored to their needs.


“Pillar Science helps me discover topics and expertise outside of my immediate network in universities.”
“We typically do shorter term projects with universities. This allows to engage in longer-term research."
“The cost savings compared to in-house efforts or custom development were significant.”

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