Academic-Industry Collaborations Matchmaking

University-Industry Matchmaking

Discover your next academic-industry collaborations.

Stategically Focused

Prioritize companies and deals that are the most likely to succeed.


Put an end to the manual searches and show off how you can help them best.


Discover partnership opportunities today without any data input.


Automated matchmaking

Connect your experts with the right company through partnership opportunities matched by real-life objectives. Discover how you align and gain access to the best contacts within companies, including your very own alumni.

Automated personalized prospectus

Streamline your process

Once you’ve selected the potential partners that appeal to you, save time by sending a customized, auto-generated prospectus on how your institution can help them achieve their goals. Say goodbye to the hours spent doing internal research to build decks.

Tailored company list

Focus your energy

Find R&D intensive companies that are seeking the expertise available at your institution as it happens, and save time by strategically focusing on those best suited to your expertise.

Discover how You Can Make a Difference

Start the conversation

Match the right experts with the right challenges by gaining in-depth understanding of what companies are looking for and how your institution can help them best. Lead the way toward new academic-industry collaborations with informed discussions based on behind-the-scenes insights.

University-Industry Matchmaking

Elevate your university-industry partnerships with Pillar Science's powerful tools.

Growing Partnerships: From Blockbuster to Netflix

SRC, a leading technology-focused research consortium, sought Pillar Science, an IT firm specializing in research support, to update their technology infrastructure, recognizing Pillar Science’s ability to connect companies with university expertise through strategic data utilization.

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