About Us

Innovative Software at a Human Scale

We help streamline innovation pipelines

Our Mission

We make university–industry partnerships more efficient and more impactful.

University-Industry Partnership Focus

We design tools to maximize university–industry partnerships.

Exclusive Insights

We provide access to exclusive data that supports decision making and prioritization.

Streamlined Matching

We leverage AI to efficiently identify the best partnership opportunities.

Our Story

Pillar Science was founded in 2017 by Dr. Karim Bouayad-Gervais and Mathieu Tanguay to deliver modern software solutions that grow holistic, meaningful partnerships between institutions and companies. At Pillar Science, we understand the vital role university–industry partnerships play in workforce recruitment and research development processes; however, we also know that managing these partnerships can be difficult—particularly when resources are limited. Our Partnership Engagement Platform is the only software that enables institutions and companies to connect directly—helping them to streamline collaborations and discover new partnerships opportunities. We match company needs with university expertise and ensure partner satisfaction by continually seeking new opportunities to deepen existing partnerships. Today, Pillar Science has more than 30,000 users in over 4 continents, and we help Fortune 100 companies work with over 100 US-based institutions.


Karim Bouayad-Gervais, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Karim holds a PhD in psychology from McGill University. He is passionate about technology. When he’s not in front of his computer, Karim is most likely playing ice hockey or soccer.

Mathieu Tanguay

Chief Technology Officier
Mathieu worked in cybersecurity for the military and banking industry. He is passionate about discovering innovative ways to create the best user experience. In his free time, Mathieu always enjoys a good bike ride.
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Automated matchmaking​

Connect your experts with the right company through partnership opportunities matched by real-life objectives. Discover how you align and gain access to the best contacts within companies, including your very own alumni. ​

Streamline your process​

Once you’ve selected the potential partners that appeal to you, save time by sending a customized, auto-generated prospectus on how your institution can help them achieve their goals. Say goodbye to the hours spent doing internal research to build decks.​

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