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Research Software at a Human Scale

We help you conduct modern research

Our Mission

We empower researchers by offering accessible and modern ecosystems to accelerate collaborative discoveries.

Premium Support

We strive on offering our clients customized support. We adapt to your specific needs.

Modern Technology

We leverage modern frameworks to carry a user-friendly experience in a secure and compliant environment.

Research oriented

Research is a team effort. We support you in your collaboration efforts so you can focus on innovation.

Our Story

Dr. Karim Bouayad-Gervais, started Pillar Science because he was tired of the uneffective software tools used to manage research activities. Although he was using cutting-edge technology in the lab, his research team was still using unadapted information technology tools like Excel, Dropbox and emails to manage their research. Software programs were cumbersome, time consuming and did not really help manage important part of the research such as projects' progression, data management and equipement management. With the help of our co-founder Mathieu Tanguay, an expert in data security, they built Pillar Science, web-based software solutions to facilitate research management. This collaboration hub now helps industrial and academic organizations in North America, Europe and Asia streamline their research. We believe that we can empower researchers by offering accessible and modern ecosystems to accelerate collaborative discoveries.


Karim Bouayad-Gervais, PhD

Chief Executive Officer
Karim holds a PhD in psychology from McGill University and a master in pharmacology. He is passionate about making research work more efficient.

Mathieu Tanguay

Chief Technology Officier
Mathieu worked in cybersecurity for the military and banking industry. He is always looking for innovative ways to bring the best user experience.
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Manage Your Equipment

PIllar Science’s ELN integrates with your lab equipment. You can ensure that your equipment is always calibrated, used according to your SOPs by qualified users and transfer data directly to your ELN experiments.

lab equipment booking system
Lab project management

Integrated With Project Management

Using Pillar Science project management tools, you can predict bottlenecks and forecast your instrument usage. Plus with the, instruments integration you can connect any instruments to your research hub to automatically backup and send large data files.

Digitize Your Research

Gain time by moving to paperless notebooks: quickly find recent and historical data, even data from former lab members notebook. Directly link your experiments, results and protocols, no more printing and pasting in your paper notebook with an Electronic Lab Notebook ELN.

Electronic Lab Notebook ELN - Screenshot