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About us

Our mission at Pillar Science is to empower researchers by offering accessible and modern ecosystems to accelerate collaborative discoveries.

Our co-founder, Dr. Karim Bouayad-Gervais, started Pillar Science because he was tired of the uneffective software research tools used to manage research activities. Although he was using cutting-edge technology in the lab, his research team was still using unadapted information technology tools like Excel, Dropbox and emails to manage their research. Electronic lab notebooks (ELN) software were cumbersome, time consuming and did not really help manage important part of the research such as projects' progression, data management and data analytics.

With the help of our co-founder Mathieu Tanguay, an expert in data security, they built Pillar Science, web-based software solutions to facilitate research project management. This collaboration hub now helps industrial and academic organizations in North America, Europe and Asia with their research project management, data management and statistical analysis.

We believe that, together, we can unite today to accelerate tomorrow's discoveries. Contact us to learn more about how we help organizations centralize all their research in one place.