Research data management

Keep all your data in one place

Secure your data and conduct collaborative studies in the cloud from anywhere.

Improve Security

Your data are always secure using Pillar's end-to-end encryption. With our fine-grained authorization system, you decide who has access to your research data.

More collaboration, less emails

Collaborators can access relevant data from anywhere. Stop chasing after them for data, access it when you need it.

Organize your research

Understand other people's data

Data are always paired with the information you need to understand it. Exit incomprehensible Excel® spreadsheets and browse data along with the associated experimental protocols, spreadsheet column definitions and metadata.

Fail-proof backup

Your data are backed up in real time from all your laboratory apparatuses and computers. They are replicated three times to avoid any potential failure.

Find data easily

Use the powerful search tool to find current and past data using keywords. You can check instantly if your team has data related to the topic you are looking for.

From Data To Analysis

Data are tied to their analyses. Know how the data were collected, transformed and analyzed. Browse analyses previously done by your collaborators on key datasets.

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More data management features

Keep track

Pillar Science keeps an audit trail of your data. Keep track of every change to your data. No more unintentional deletion, and every file is archived in case you need it again.

Store any kind of data

You can store any kind of file. Plus, you can preview many common media types such as spreadsheets, PDFs, images, videos, sounds or animations.

Flexible data import

Import data from Excel®, CSV or tab-separated files (Including UTF-8 and UTF-16). Use the Pillar Science spreadsheet editor to update your data files.

Keep ownership of your data

Pillar Science is the cloud storage for researchers and our terms of service are clear: You are the only owner of your data.

More Than Just an Electronic Notebook

Keep track of your lab activities with our integrated electronic notebook (ELN). Use your ELN data to create collaborative charts and statistical analyses.

Scales with your research

Each plan comes with the right amount of storage for your research to start. You have access to endless amount of storage space as you grow.

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