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Manage All Your Research Data

Whether your research data are collected by you, a colleague or a collaborator, Pillar Science help you organize and access this data when you need it. Track any changes to your data to ensure reproducibility and work with tools your already enjoy such as Office.

Protect Your Research Data

Increase your research data protection by ensuring it is always safe from prying eyes with the End-to-End Encryption technology.

Automatic Back-ups on All Devices

Connect all your research data sources: computers, instruments, software apps or database to automatically back up all your team’s data.

Access Your Research Data

Access your data whenever you need it while keeping it safe on your servers or in your secured cloud.

Join researchers using Pillar Science to accelerate their research

“I believe that Pillar Science facilitate my research by regrouping all our projects in one place. The simplicity of the statistical tools allows to save time and enable students to be more self-reliant.”

testimonials KIM GILBERT

Kim Gilbert, PhD

Université de Montréal

“Pillar Science allows us to conduct collaborative projects seamlessly. We found that it was very useful when we needed to combine expertise from European and North American researchers.”


Lena-Sophie Martis, PhD

Aarhus University Denmark

Work with software you like

  • View and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Write collaborative reports and papers
  • Use track change and comments to streamlines writing
  • Keep the files on your servers or in your secured cloud
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Organize, analyze and share your data quickly

  • Keep your data with the methods used to generate them
  • Add notes to understand the data
  • Reduce email and keep discussions with your data
  • Register metadata to further describe your data
  • Run reproducible data analysis in your browser
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Know who did what and when

  • Keep track of all changes applied to your data, exit duplicated files
  • Go back to previous versions of your data to ensure they are no mistakes
  • Never lose a file with full traceability and history on your data
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Keep control on your data

  • Store your data securely in the cloud or keep them on your servers, access them from anywhere
  • Back up any data generated by your team, wherever they are
  • Access data from any computer, instrument or database whenever you need it
  • Store your data in compliance with funders and ethical committee requirements
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